Mesa Encore Theatre | Caryol Gebhardt Memorial Scholarship Application 

In honor of our past Board member and Artistic Director, Caryol Gebhardt, Mesa Encore Theatre proudly grants an annual scholarship to a college student majoring in the performing arts. This includes the areas of Theatre, Music, Dance, or any aspect of Technical Theatre. It is now open to graduating high school seniors as well as current college freshman, sophomores and juniors. Recipients receive $500 each semester (total of $1000) of the academic year after supplying M.E.T. with a copy of their current class schedule proving they are enrolled for that semester. To apply, fill out the application and follow the instructions below.

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Application Directions
To apply for this scholarship, please write a personal essay of what the performing arts has meant to you and how it has influenced your life. Include what your past experiences have been and what your plans are for your future. The length should be no more than two typed double-spaced pages using no smaller than 12- point font. Include one letter of recommendation from a teacher, director, or colleague (no family members) who can attest to your character, work ethic, and potential success as a college performing arts student and beyond.