AUDITIONS: MET (933 E. Main, Mesa)

Monday, July 8th: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday, July 13th: 10:00am-6:00pm

CALLBACKS: MET (933 E. Main, Mesa)

Sunday, July 14th: 5:00pm until cast

PRODUCTION: Mesa Arts Center (1 E. Main, Mesa)

September 6 - 22nd, 2019 @ Mesa Arts Center

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Music & Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim    

Book: James Lapine

Executive Producer: David Chorley

Director: Rita Liegl    

Musical Director: Lorenzo Slavin    

Choreographer: Stephanie “Tippi” Hart   


·  Please prepare between 16-32 bars of a song not from the show- Sondheim preferred but not required.

·  Certain roles may be combined depending on audition turnout.

·  Piano accompaniment will be provided.


The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn they cannot have a child because of a Witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone’s wishes come true, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.


The roles of Lucinda and Florinda, Cinderella’s Stepmother, Cinderella’s Father, Cinderella’s Mother, Wolf #1, Wolf #2, Milky-White, Milky-White Imposter, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Three Little Piggies, Granny, Steward, and Giant will be ensemble singers, as well as movement storytellers throughout our journey INTO THE WOODS.

The Narrator: Male or Female, age 20s to 99, Vocal Range: G2-E4. The main storyteller of our tale, who eventually loses his/her self in the story. An enigmatic storyteller who guides us along our journey into the woods.

The Witch: Female, age 30s to 50s, Vocal Range: F3-G5. After losing her mother’s magic beans, she is cursed with “ugliness”. A woman with magical powers who believes if she can reverse the curse, she will be able to secure a beautiful life with her “daughter”, who she keeps in a tower. In the woods, she realizes that her wish comes with a huge price and she takes her fate into her own hands.

The Baker: Male, age mid-20s to mid-40s, Vocal Range: A Flat 2-G4. A man haunted by abandonment who is trying to live a simple, happy life with his wife. He loves her with his whole heart and is willing to do anything to make her happy.  Due to the lack of a father in his life, he struggles with how to be a husband and a father. In the woods, he learns that life is messy but no one is truly alone.

The Baker’s Wife: Female, age mid-20s to mid-40s, Vocal Range: F3-G5. A determined, bright, and humorous woman who desperately wants a child. She is the anchor of her family and yet, struggles with the idea of wanting more. Her wishes vary between motherhood and another kind of life. In the woods, she discovers what she has had all along and what love really means.

Cinderella: Female, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: G3-G5. A young woman who has lost her mom and is treated poorly by her stepmom and stepsisters. All she wishes for is one night of freedom. In the woods, she gets more than she could ever wish for, but there are strings attached to “having it all”. How can she find a happy middle ground and cut those strings while staying true to her heart?

Cinderella’s Prince: Male, age 20s to 40s, Vocal Range: B2-F4. This royal and shallow playboy draws people to him easily, as his charm is undeniable. He is used to all the accolades without deserving them. In the woods, his biggest decision is which maiden to seduce next.

Red Riding Hood: Female, age 14 to early 20s, Vocal Range: B Flat 3-F5. A spoiled young woman who is strong-willed, quick-witted, fearless, and naive. In the woods, her naiveté puts her into dangerous situations. Throughout her journey, she is forced to grow up very quickly.

Jack: Male, age 14 to mid-20s, Vocal Range: B2-G4. A very poor young man who has no friends, except for his cow, which he is forced to sell to feed his mother and himself. He lives in a dreamland and his gigantic adventure begins when he trades his cow for some magic beans in the woods. His quest up a beanstalk teaches him lessons he thought he would never learn. However, he still needs to learn how to become a man, not just a boy with his head in the clouds.

Jack’s Mother: Female, age mid-30s to 60s, Vocal Range: B Flat 3-F5. A poor, single mother left to raise a clueless son, whose only friend is a cow. She loves her son, but needs him to grow up. Poverty has beaten her down, but everything changes when her son finds fortune in the woods. How will she handle this newfound wealth?

Rapunzel: Female, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: B3-A5. A lonely young woman who has lived a life of solitude except for her assumed mother, the Witch. Her lack of human contact or knowledge of the outside world prove to be a challenge for her. In the woods, she finds a brief moment of happiness that is eclipsed by her mother’s jealousy and leads to her ultimate despair.

Rapunzel’s Prince: Male, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: C Sharp 3-E4. Having lived in his brother’s shadow his whole life, he longs for adventures in the woods. Upon falling in love with a maiden in a tower, he is condemned for that love by the witch’s jealousy. Will he ultimately find happiness after tragedy upsets his pursuit of adventure?

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Female, age late 30s to 60s, Vocal Range: A3-F Sharp 5. The new wife of Cindrella’s widowed father. She is cruel to, and dismissive of Cinderella, favoring her ungrateful and spoiled daughters, Lucinda and Florinda. She is a woman whose happiness is her status and wealth and will do anything to increase those as she goes into the woods.

Cinderella’s Father: Male, age 40s to 70s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. A daft, affluent man who is oblivious to the plight of his only daughter, Cinderella. 

Lucinda and Florinda: Females, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: C4-A Flat 5. These two sisters are materialistic, shallow, cruel vultures who will do anything to climb the social ladder, with no regard for their stepsister, Cinderella. They regard her as their personal servant. In the woods, they discover that the pursuit of personal gain at the expense of others results in lasting consequences.

Mysterious Man: Male, age late 40s to 70s, Vocal Range: G2-E Flat 4. Is he a beggar, a hermit, or father of some of our characters? Is he on the run from responsibilities or can he not stand the guilt of leaving his family? In the woods, he tries to make amends for his transgressions.

Cinderella’s Mother: Female, age 40s to 60s, Vocal Range: G3-A Flat 5. An ethereal woman who appears in times of trouble to guide her child and fulfill her wishes.

Wolf #1: Male, age 20s to mid-30s, Vocal Range: B Flat 2-G Flat 4. This “man” is an opportunist who entices his next meal with flowers and fun until they succumb to his “appetite”. His preference in protein is little girls and grandmas.

Steward: Male, mid-20s to mid-50s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. A servant who is used to doing whatever it takes to solve problems. He is animated and loyal to the royals.

Granny: Female, age mid-40s to mid-70s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. This woman has been calloused by life. Her fiery disposition is only outshined by her love for her granddaughter.

Giant: Female, age 20s to 70s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. Although never seen on stage as the Giant, she is determined to avenge the death of her husband and the theft of her home. This actor will be used as a movement storyteller throughout the show.

Milky-White: Female or Male, age 16 to 50s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. An undernourished, adorable cow who is the only friend of a poor boy dreamer.

Milky-White Imposter: Female or Male, age 16 to 50s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. A cow in the woods who is disguised as a replacement for Milky-White.

Snow White: Female, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer.  The latest infatuation for Rapunzel’s Prince.

Sleeping Beauty: Female, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer. She is the latest infatuation for Cinderella’s Prince.

Wolf #2: Male, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singer/strong mover. He is the Big Bad Wolf who has a set of lungs that is capable of blowing down the piggies’ houses. His preferred protein is pork.

Three Little Piggies: Females or Males, age 20s to 30s, Vocal Range: Ensemble singers/strong movers. These three actors are the object of Wolf #2’s obsession with pork.


* Mesa Encore Theatre is a volunteer community playhouse and offers no monetary compensation to any of its performers. *